Healing the Spiritual and Psychological Wounds of War, Coming July 1

Dr. Tiffany Tajiri takes a hard look at the psychological trauma experienced by veterans and their loved ones and offers insight and hope for better lives.

It could be your neighbor, your coworker, your son, or the woman sitting next to you in church. When combat veterans return from war, they’re often confused. They struggle to reconnect with their families; the cheering crowds and smothering hugs make them want to jump out of their skin, and sometimes they even long to return to the hell of deployment.
What they’ve experienced in combat can radically change how they view themselves, others, and the world at large. They may have never seen so much hurt, suffering, death, and destruction, which leaves them questioning, “Where is God?”

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Testimonials of Peace After Combat

Dr. Tajiri’s book brings the reader intimately close to the challenges and life-changing journey of combat to transformative healing from the wounds of war. As a combat veteran with multiple deployments and extended times in the carnage of war, I heartily recommend this book to veterans, their loved ones, and those who seek to understand or join the healing journey with our veterans.

Dr. Roderick Mills
LtCol (Ret.) Army, president of AeroNova Ministries,
adjunct professor at Regent University, senior fellow of the Center for
Transformational Living

Taking on this topic requires bravery, and Dr. Tiffany demonstrates plenty. This book is a no-holds-barred approach to dealing with the effects of combat trauma. As a veteran (and now a licensed therapist myself) who has dealt with the impact of PTSD and the suicide of my fellow soldiers, I am grateful for a book that is so direct.

Bobby Jackson
LCSW, pastoral coach, former youth pastor, cofounder of
Rallypoint Ministry, author of Regroup curriculum, former Army Soldier and

I was blown up in combat by a suicide bomber and hospitalized for three months, and this book has enlightened me in a way that I cannot express. I highly encourage all Soldiers to read it.

Joseph Dames
Cofounder/CEO of Sherpa 6, Inc., Army Ranger, Infantry(2005–2009)

After fourteen years of behavioral health treatment, I had given up. This book changed my life! I now know God was with me and was not the author of all the pain I experienced in combat.

John Gonzales
COL (Ret.), Army TRP CDR 6TH Squadron, 9 US Cavalry
Regiment, APM PEO Soldier, ACM

Dr. Tajiri has written a must-read for any veteran searching to find true peace after combat.

Benjamin Miranda
CMSgt (Ret) USAF, Security Forces

Dr. Tajiri offers spiritual as well as emotional healing for the rage and confusion caused by PTSD. I highly recommend this book to veterans, their families, and friends for a better understanding of how peace might actually be achieved after the horrors of war.

Linda S. Glaz
Author, USAF Veteran

Dr. Tajiri brings incredible insight toward helping and healing our hurting heroes. Her illustrations are real; the pain and darkness she deals with are genuine and destructive. Yet she does not back down from helping her patients — and all of us who desire to help the hurting — by focusing on real truths that bring light, healing, and restoration.

Charles Nieman
Pastor of Abundant Living Faith Center, El Paso, Texas

Powerful! As a person of faith, Dr. Tajiri applies her clinical training, her military experience as an officer, her walk with God, and her knowledge of Scripture to promote the healing of emotional and spiritual wounds that plague many of our military service personnel.

Robert Johnson, COL, PhD
Forensic neuropsychologist

Military chaplains must get their hands on this book and use it as a force multiplier for spiritual healing before and after combat. As a Chaplain and combat veteran, I have been touched by the freeing and uplifting insight in this book. It’s real and gritty nature allows our loved ones to see the truth of what’s brewing in our souls—yet instills hope through faith for a better tomorrow.

Soon Jung, MAJ (R)
Army Chaplain, 6-9th Sqd, 9th US Cavalry

Dr. Tajiri doesn’t shy away from the gritty reality that gives birth to the gauntlet of fear, regret, and guilt of our returning warriors. She does a wonderful job of balancing science, scripture, and warrior-speak in a welcoming approach that meets the service member where they currently are. I hope this book gets into the hands of every returning service member struggling to reconcile their faith with their deployed experiences and every family member struggling to understand them in turn.

Brett Banks
Executive director of USO Alaska (the opinion expressed is that of the endorser and not of the USO)

Pastoring in El Paso, Texas, home to Fort Bliss and many Army heroes, I know firsthand the great need for the content in this book. Dr. Tajiri communicates her heart to help, along with profound wisdom and much-needed information. This book inspires and reminds us that hope and healing are possible!

Shannon Nieman
Lead pastor of Abundant Church, founder of One Sisterhood

Peace after Combat is a direct hit to the heart of the matter. In real time and authentic ways, Dr. Tajiri reaches in and accosts the racing thoughts and questions that suffocate our service members, veterans, and first responders. The promise to leave no man or woman behind is officially fulfilled amid these pages, among the hearts, souls, and bone marrow of our brothers and sisters who have answered the call.

Kristina Seymour
PsyD, THRIVING psychologist, author, USAF Veteran, 1991–1995, wife of an Army Ranger (class of 12-93)

Everyone knows that setbacks can happen in life. Unfortunately, most people do not have the skills, tools, and recourses to work through life’s challenges. Dr. Tiffany has spent much of her life helping people work through difficult situations. In her new book, she gives incredible insight and tools to help us regain the life we were intended to live.

Tim Storey
Acclaimed author, speaker, pastor, and life coach

As the South Texas regional director for the Birdwell Foundation for PTSD, I endorse without reluctance Dr. Tajiri’s phenomenal book Peace after Combat. Within this book lies the truth, remedy, and direction for our military, first responders, and those preparing to deploy. This book is the complete guidance you will need.

Mike Gonzales, CW3 (Ret.)
Army, Military Occupational Skills 11B Infantry, 88M Platoon Sergeant, 882A Mobility Warrant Officer; Saudi Arabia 1997, Afghanistan 2002, Iraq 2004, 2009