Dr. Tiffany Tajiri shares thoughtful insights with many well-known hosts, giving listeners advice and insight into psychological health, self-help, and mental well-being.

Dr. Tiffany had been featured in the following podcasts, shows, and magazines:

Tim Storey: World Shaker Society

Live Today with Randy Robison

Lifeology with James Miller

In the Market with Janet Parshall

Better with April Osteen Simons

Fit in Faith with Tamra Andress (coming soon…)

Healing Rain with Sue Detweiler

Exercise Your Faith Podcast

Faith Filled Family Magazine

Rally Point Ministry Podcast with Bobby Jackson

Bill Martinez Live

Drive Time with Bill Bunkley

Make Life Matter Podcast with Angela Donadio

Bob Dutko Show

Reclamation Podcast

Failing Awesomely with Lindsey Garcia

Spouting Off with Karen

Searching for Integrity

Bold Marriage

The Military Veteran Dad Podcast

Bullet Proof Veteran

Uncovering Truth with Grace with Dr. Rolanda Schmidt